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Total revamp of TradAM coming real soon!

Major announcements on forum settings to be made here.

Total revamp of TradAM coming real soon!

PostAuthor: Bing » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:56 pm

Well, You Radical Right Wing Extremist Hobbits the New Year and Christmas is rapidly approaching us and us administrators and moderators and people in chat and other members here have decided on a TOTAL revamp of our website of which I am happy to announce that we will have this accomplished before the Year Ends or even sooner!

Maybe as a Special Christmas present!

We will be ditching our portal in favor of another CMS that I know will propel us to new heights and help us to further our conservative message to as many as we can!

What this will mean is that we will have a new frontend so as to make the website easier to navigate and also to bring to you some new and exciting features that we can not implement at the moment with our current CMS. These features will compliment our current arsenal of tools and weapons that we use on a daily basis here.

Our forums are robust and we will continue to use them as our focal point. We can handle millions of posts by hundreds of thousands of users on a myriad of topics and discussions but we want fresh paint, a hot tub :lol: and some other things that I say tongue in cheek but are needed.

Hopefully there will not be much dust nor mess to clean up but if there is a blurp here and there that is merely us working so you all can have a better experience here.

For those of you that have been with us for the 3+ years we have been together you know what this means. Hard work and dedication. For those that have just joined or recently joined you are in for a very kewl ride.

So get ready to roll up the sleeves and get to work! We have a country to take back.

I will be announcing more details on our planned facelift in this area and as soon as I finalize everything.
I also will be looking for others that have skillsets in PHP, AJAX, JavaScript and JQuery as well as HTML5, Joomla, graphics artists and bloggers to help us with this "Phoenix". Just email me if you have any of those talents or if you know of anybody that would like to help out.

As always, we consider this our home and our HQ!
It is Libtard safe and we value ourselves in that regard. This is not an open discussion forum for those that are our enemies to try to disrupt and antagonize. This is your home as well as ours so help out in any way you can! We have 100 years of socialism to defeat and we need all hands on deck.

We dont ask for donations here via email and relentless calls and such. I dont like getting those incessant begging for money emails and I am sure you dont either.
The way we look at it is that if this website gives you some amount of value then help out in any way you can so we can further the cause of Conservatism!

Thank you all for making this YOUR home and stay tuned because you will like what we have coming down the pike!
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Re: Total revamp of TradAM coming real soon!

PostAuthor: hoodoo » Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:20 pm

Bing, YOU ARE AWESOME!! :lol: Now I don't know whether to run and hide or tie a ball of string to the door so I can find my way ;) Git er done, Brother !

We ARE the Traditional Americans !

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