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TED, What is "OUR SIDE". WHO are WE "

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:04 pm
Author: hoodoo
We are not just "conservatives" but we ARE conservatives. We are not all Tea Partiers but many of us were, some of us before the term was used. We are not all "evangelicals" or even Christian but the overwhelming majority of us are Christian. So.... is there a name that fits us all on an instinctive level ? One that all of us will feel "fits right" ? Yes. Traditional Americans. TRADITIONAL AMERICANS !!

There is nothing bad about the Tea Parties, in fact we/they are the vanguard of the whole Traditional American movement. Using "Traditional American" as our identity for the whole movement simply allows many more Good Americans to feel a commonality they can accept. The lamestream media left has managed to succeed at smearing the "Tea Party", "The Right", and other descriptors and pigeonhole and limit the whole movement on our side and act like they, the left, are the dominant fraction of America. This is a big lie.

Does it make a difference to use the Traditional American moniker? I say definitely ! In fact it combines all of the wonderful Americans into one voice when it becomes the common label for ideas from our side. Time is over for big government tyranny.
We MUST unify our voices by unifying our name. The outrage that gave rise to "The Tea Party" is felt by the majority of Americans. We are Traditional Americans. Many of us started in the Tea Parties but grew leery of some of the "leaders" since this is a movement of individuals who simply joined local groups to talk and plan. Individuality has always characterized traditional Americans.

I always identify myself as a traditional American. I usually begin to describe our principles, get any listener to agree with those principles we represent and THEN tell them I started before the Tea Parties and joined them when they gathered. Then I ask the listener if he thinks I'm an extremist, homophobe, racist or nut case. Often they will say "Nope but yer a nutcase like me!" and I answer "We are both traditional Americans" and they say "exactly!". Try it.

If Ted Cruz would begin to identify his supporters as Traditional Americans, I believe he would sweep the remaining primaries and become our nominee. We need him. Let's tell him. ASAP!

Re: TED, What is "OUR SIDE". WHO are WE "

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:14 pm
Author: Ron_Adcox
Sounds like a plan! However, it is a plan we instituted a few years back. At least I did but I am sure we are not alone. WE can do more though and that is what you are asking of us. I will do more. Traditional Americans are what sews Americans into a cohesive force. And the seams are in a bit of a strain right now. Gonna weather the storm and be stronger tomorrow!
We can tweet him and comment. Will do!
Thanks for the reminder Fred!

Re: TED, What is "OUR SIDE". WHO are WE "

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:29 pm
Author: crazy like a fox
We must vote for principled representatives if we want our values to reflect in Washington. Traditional American values have 3 common beliefs, small government, Constitutional adherence and maximum freedom for the people. All our choices for President, Senate, House and dog catcher should be viewed under that traditional lens; namely; Are they traditional representatives?
I believe Ted Cruz passes that test well.


Re: TED, What is "OUR SIDE". WHO are WE "

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:43 pm
Author: Ron_Adcox
As far as I can tell, Cruz is the only one that passes the test. We need him as he should need us! Thanks, Foxy!