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Conservative Nation Media is back

Sitting behind the Silver CNR Microphone of Freedom and Liberty, Robert 'the infidel', of the New Wise Conservatism Radio Show gives you a good healthy dose of the truth, with the Voice of Reason, in the very Un-Reasonable world.

Each week we strive to give your mind and soul the reality that you have been missing in our government, on Blog Talk Radio, through ConservativeNationRadio.org, and join the Traditional Americans war to save our great nation from the ruin of Liberalism.

Conservative Nation Media is back

PostAuthor: robertgarding » Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:42 pm

it has been a good while since I have posted here to this site. I know that maybe, not too many people show up here anyomre.
Hopefully, that soon will change. I talked with Michael Smith about restarting CNM and he told me he wasn't interested, but if I wanted the project it was all mine. So, here I am. The premiums for Blog Talk Radio has been paid, and will be paid monthly from now on. Right now my show, The New Wise Conservatism Radio Show is the only one back but I am working on getting more of them back to the fold.

NWCR show is back at 6 pm to 8 pm eastern time on Sundays now, and we are working to get CNM back to the glory days, when there were shows nightly.
Got my fingers crossed. NWCR Show on Sundays at 6 pm eastern time, 5 pm central on CNM and Blog Talk Radio. Hope to see more people there as time goes on, and more shows on the docket. CNM, where America always wins, and we WILL NOT BE RULED!! as Fred always said. :)
Robert "the infidel" Garding
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Re: Conservative Nation Media is back

PostAuthor: Ron_Adcox » Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:56 pm

Hello Robert. Glad you can take on CNM. Sounds like a plan! I will try to listen in Sunday night at 6pm.
Be well.

I will post it on twitter from here. We will see what we will see.
When Injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty! ObamaCare & IranNukeDeal are examples of Injustice becoming law!! Traditional Americans must resist by any means necessary, fair or foul.
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