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PostAuthor: crazy like a fox » Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:00 pm

The Obama bureaucrats heading our intelligence agencies are not very smart, credible or for that matter intelligently using their intelligence gathering appropriately, because these smug minions of the President, are always thinking politically first, threat second. Obama has filled his cabinet with a pretentious parade of pretenders that have sidled up to the media to either make Obama look effective or to distort the truth to the American people as to how dysfunctional our government has operated in the last eight years.


Not only has Obama, the community organizer, shown a lack of effectiveness in understanding the threats we face in the world, he hired, only those willingly loyal, to his worldview. A view that has them kneeling on the ground with their heads next to his, completely covered in sand.

When they lift up their heads to speak, it has always been the same refrain from this administration, "Nothing to see here." For the President to preach to Americans that our greatest world threat is Climate change, well, I think we all know, that sand, is very hard to shake out, especially when it gets between your ears.

Obama made Americans wary of our government, and most all of its multiple agencies, that have been used as politically bullies waging an antagonistic clash with citizens who disagreed with his Marxist perspective. We should not be surprised that Obama's last legacy gift to us, is to sully his successor.

His demoralization of our military has been especially troublesome, between his apathy over Benghazi and his school girl attentiveness to a deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, he has show little regard for the rank and file soldiers. Obama has filled his White House Situation Room with his kind of "Fido go fetch" lackeys in the top brass positions in our military and has politicized all branches of our government including the CIA.

John Brennan, Obama's CIA director has been an integral cog in Obama's ridiculous policy of not calling Muslim terror attacks, Muslim terror attacks. Now we are suppose to believe the Russians were the reason Clinton lost and Trump won? My goodness, do progressive liberals have no, sense of honor, respect and dignity or are they all, political pitiful pathetic pansies?


Obama and Clinton downplayed Russia's threat to the world and even tried to improve relations using a dumb optic stunt by creating a show and tell re-set button, held up by Hillary Clinton, in 2009 for the media cameras. Obama in the 2012 re-election foreign policy debate acted as if Romney was an emotionally stunted alarmist stuck back in the cold war over Russia and Putin's power.

The Obama administration has done nothing to curb Putin's lust for power. Obama said nothing negative when Russia invaded Georgia while Obama was campaigning for the presidency, Obama did nothing when Putin invaded Crimea, Obama's administration has done next to nothing as Putin continues to threaten to takeover Ukraine, and Obama has all but ignored Russia's reckless involvement in aiding Assad in Syria, claiming to fight ISIS when both dictators are ganging up on Syrian civilians.

When the Chinese hacked our government computers and stole the SS numbers and information on thousands of federal workers and who knows what else, what did Obama say or do? Did we hear outrage by the media? Was the hack attack a big news story? No, the coverage was buried in, by the way news, rather than, reported as an explosive and serious cyber threat to our nation's sovereignty.

Now all of the sudden, our intelligence agencies are pointing a speculative finger at the Russians for the DNC computer leak, that allowed Wikileaks to expose the Democrat Party dirty tricks during the 2016 election, claiming that the Russians wanted Trump to be president over Clinton. Even though Wikileaks denies the charge, the charge is highly circumspect and conjectured by our government long before the election but only leaked to the press after the election. Is this corrupt politics at its worst? Yes, and they, the progressive liberal loyalists, have a dastardly motive.


Our intelligence agencies are speculating, politically speculating and purposefully speculating that Russia tampered with our elections in order to achieve one goal. That goal isn't to protect Americans. That goal isn't to reduce the cyber warfare that has been ongoing for years, between our government and the government of our enemies in the world. That goal isn't to highlight how dangerous and seditious it was, for Hillary Clinton to have used a private unsecured server, in which she and her staff passed highly classified information in e-mails while she was Secretary of State.

No, the only reason for this unproven public finger pointing at the Russians, naming them as the hackers that allowed Wikileaks to expose the scummy truth, behind the slimy lies of the Democrat Party, and their two-faced candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, is to delegitimize Trump's election victory. But of course, I am presuming, which apparently passes for intelligent information, in today's world of theory equals fact.


The Obama leftist minions want to seed doubt in the mind of the electors voting in the Electoral College, that Trump's winning of state races was aided by a foreign power. The Hillary Democrats want to seed doubt in the mind of the voters as to Trump's lawfulness to be president in order to explain to her distraught loyalists, how she could have lost, when all the fake media polls had her so unbeatable ahead. The entrenched elitist beltway power brokers want to create a foundational phony backdrop of criminality baked into Trump's administration, in order to justify their future campaign, of slur, slam, shame, as they intend to try and disgrace our new President in the media every day, every hour and every second rather than accept and respect his popular support among average Americans.

Yes, there is a manipulative, deceptive and canned political hacking going on as we breathe that has been blowing smoke, hot air and soot, downwind and into America's main streets for far too long. Yes, this acrid, greasy and choking atmosphere has made average Americans sick and languishing for healthy debate and political honesty. Yes, this disinformation propaganda will continue with the aid of mainstream media, because the DNC thinks embarrassing Trump's popular base and moving more to the left will win them back the voters they ignored and lost.

But no, it isn't the Russians, the Chinese or Snowden that has hacked American minds, causing them clear headed thinking, demanding sanity in federal policy and desiring the fresh air of popular common sense solutions, rather than political shams. No, it was the determined will of forgotten patriotic Americans that rejected the left's progressive degrading of our nation.


The accurate and authentic reality is that the average citizens of this country, grabbed a ballot and swore under their breath, that the elitists leftist madness must end. The facts are, that many discouraged voters knew it was high time, America elected a political outsider. The reliable un-speculative truth is that it wasn't the Russians that voted to knock down the Democrat Party's house of pompous, pandering, political playing cards, but American citizens, we the deplorable voters.
We the People have been banging on the establishment wall against progressive policies, in 2010, 2012,2014 and now finally in 2016, the people can declare victory. America's marginalized masses of traditional stock of values, stood up to be counted and defeated the grandiose fakery of the progressive elitist left, and that final slap down of their puffery of power, has made them sore, irked and huffy snuffy losers.

Yes, the common voter, the bourgeoisie, indeed the average working voter hacked, and hacked and hacked away at the Washington wall with their ballet axes, until the beltway snobbery was reduced to ruble, along with banishing the left's plutocracy, leaving them with little choice but to sit in the back corner, whining, and adjusting their Russian Ushanka knock-off, which is really, a cheaply made, tin-foil hat!


Who am I? I am just a traditional American proud to be a citizen of America.
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