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PostAuthor: crazy like a fox » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:44 pm

When fans learned that the Pentagon had to pay the National Football League to display the color guard and do jet flyovers for fans, cynicism toward the NFL began to percolate. Realizing that the owners of the NFL that made billions off of TV ads and fan ticket prices but did not wave the ad fee for our country's soldiers and instead pocketed taxpayer dollars to pretend to honor the country's military, rubbed fans fanny's wrong in all the stadiums.

Brewing more sour taste in the football audience was the fact that NFL had tax exempt status until April of 2015, when bad press made it untenable for the NFL to argue to an angry football audience, that this status for their front office, was financially necessary, so they gave up their exemption.


Now once again the NFL has served up more acidic coffee to the ticket holders and TV audience by allowing highly paid players to sit, kneel and protest the celebratory playing of our National Anthem. The NFL will not allow players to wear a decals on their uniform to honor the police that were gunned down in Dallas, Texas, or players' moms that died from cancer, or wear colored shoes to bring awareness to mental illness, because the league argues it would become a slippery slope. Players uniforms would be billboards for so many causes, and perhaps causes the NFL disagrees with, that the NFL wants to retain control of the advertisement on uniforms. However, having a player kneel in protest during the singing of our National anthem, and then later allowing other players to trash the country's symbol of honor to those who died for our freedom, is perfectly fine for the NFL. Once again hard working patriotic Americans are given the middle finger by elites running the show.

It is now official, that the ever protesting-everything liberals, have infiltrated America's pastime, ruining the last bastion peace where the working class once reveled as an escape and respite from the politics of life and the world. The cultural anarchist have climbed the gate of America's castle of retreat from life's hardships, to incite a coliseum mentality to sporting events. Even when the fans boo and growl like lions, NFL players have decided that kneeling at the performance of our National Anthem is a valid venue for protest. Their back to the fans, their noses up in the air of arrogance, show that they could care less, if the fans thumbs are up or down.

When we saw the flag being burned and lived through the many Supreme Court rulings that allowed our country's freedom symbol to be desecrated as a form of protest, we understood the left for what it is, an unpatriotic, ungrateful, spoiled, selfish, cultural pariah, seeking to divide and conquer traditional American values. The Social Justice Warrior, the Democrat Party, the progressives all otherwise known as the left, have not stopped, nor will they ever stop, trying to destroy American values. Why?

The values of this country will always keep the left from attaining their primary goal. That goal is to change our nation from a constitutional based Republic, full of natural born rights, without governmental control, into a socialist state where government dictates everything.

The left uses the 1st Amendment like a machete, to carve a path of divisive destruction in our culture and then call for, of all things, unity, when Americans react in shock and anger.


When the football players say stupid things, such that, by taking a knee at the singing of the National Anthem, they are not disrespecting the fallen soldiers, the military, the families of dead soldiers or bashing their country, the fans are not buying it. Fans know, that when you take a dump and try and call it a sweet smelling pile, then you are full of it. It is really quite simple, respect has always been a combination of action and words. You don't laugh at a funeral, you don't swear around young children, you don't fight in church, and you don't sit, kneel or otherwise ignore the National Anthem tribute being paid to our nation's long battle for freedom.

Respect is knowing that there is "a time and a place" for everything. Protesting the anthem at a sporting event satisfies neither. Athletes in America make millions, the National Football League makes billions, because Americans are free, because America has a free enterprise economic system, because millions of American soldiers have died to free us and keep us free.

American fans are outraged and also perplexed. How can the owners of the NFL teams choose to side with the leftist disrespectful protesters and not with the ticket paying fans who support their sport? Why is the NFL trashing their audience, patriotism and a duly elected President for another divisive social justice cause that provides nothing more than cultural upheaval? Why are the major and local sportscasters left leaning, on TV and radio that support the protesting on the field? Does media even sports media, ever hire conservatives?

The left has been using every wrong done in America as a sweeping indictment against our nation's character, trying to indoctrinate us into feeling shame rather than pride in our country. That in and of itself, is racists isn't it? When you paint everyone as responsible when only a few are perpetrators. Isn't the argument of the left that racism is profiling and making broad generalizations of people based on a few wrongdoers? How is the country's flag and Anthem trashed because of a small percentage of ignorant idiots, (which by the way, any society must always suffer fools) is used as a protest stage? Yet, this is the hypocritical logic of the left, America has some injustice, so all of America is unjust. Generalize much?


Worse these fools with a TV camera (ESPN) and a microphone, along with corporate board rooms accept the left's convoluted facts and give these cultural anarchists thugs, the airtime and the stage, to bash our patriotism, trash our elections and preach their zombie hypocrisy. You can't fix anything by demonizing everything, including your tools. But the left is not seeking to love the sinner and hate the sin, but rather to make all of us hated sinners.

Black Lives Matter is sloganeering that provides zero solutions, and in fact, has generated more racism, and more victimhood mentality, that has become a thug group against Trump supporters. The left wants to convince people that their causes are justified but after the drama of their protests, nothing gets better, indeed it gets worse. If the cause of BLM were legitimate, if, they were really trying to rid the police force of criminally racists killers, then they would have adopted an "All lives matter" mantra and brought the whole country together to condemn police militancy and deadly brutality.

Instead, they cheer when cops are killed, and jeer at those that support police. Perhaps they missed the adage "If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem."

But BLM is just another aimless protest by the left, like Occupy Wall Street, that isn't interested in solutions because their real aim, as stated earlier, is to hack away at America's traditional values and turn neighbor against until Americans keel to the notion of needed a fundamental fix to a now dysfunctional culture. And the cure to the dysfunctional culture they created is, big socialist government.

So with the political antics going on in our sports arenas around the country, one has to ask, where is there a political free zone in America today? Political Correctness is rampant. Liberal militancy is as vibrant as ever on campus. Public Schools are busy with a curriculum of liberal indoctrination of youth. Media expounds the evils of Trump voters daily. And wearing a hat that has the anachronism MAGA will get you accused of being a racist, homophobe, bigoted and deplorable citizen.

So, we grab a beer and sit down to watch a ballgame, assuming that politics is far, far afield from our view, and what do we see? Highly paid grown men kneeling during the symbolic singing of our country's anthem, before they play a game. A game that they can play because many America men and women died for their right to play. A game that owes its money making ability to the patriotic fans it snubs, that pay their salaries by buying those expensive game tickets. A game that brings leftist indoctrination into our living rooms, by proclaiming that America stinks, because some people are racists. A game that use to be about toughness but now is about how weak, thoughtless, gutless and insensitive to God, Country, Mom and apple pie can cowards become.


The NFL should be on their knees, praying, that the fans will forgive their complete unconscionable slap to their country's heroes, and their hypocritical capitulation to un-American leftist agitators, while pink shoe tributes to player's dead mothers is banned.

Changes should be made to the lyrics of the jingle Faith Hill made popular for NBC's Sunday night game, such as " We've been dreading (waiting) all day for Sunday night, the players are ready, to kick the fans in the belly, cause the NFL sucks bowing to P.C. Yeah!"

Or should Hank Williams Jr. sing for some Monday night knee-ball, "C'mon on get ready, I mean get ready! Cuz all my (ratty) rowdy (leftist) friends are here for Monday night." Yeah, get ready, cuz all my sissy teams got punked by PC!

Who am I? I am just a traditional American proud to be a citizen of America.
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PostAuthor: Ron_Adcox » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:02 pm

Well said, Foxy!
When Injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty! ObamaCare & IranNukeDeal are examples of Injustice becoming law!! Traditional Americans must resist by any means necessary, fair or foul.
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