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PostAuthor: crazy like a fox » Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:38 pm

The president of the United States is single handedly taking down the corrupt liberal media that has dominated the political debates in this country for more than forty years. Trump's direct stand against media reporters, that seek to make headline fame off of sleazy superlative, exaggerated embellishment and fabricated falsehoods, has the mainstream media in a tizzy, and more importantly, has them choking on air.

The President has used his twitter sword to cut through the media's tortured truth and destructive misinformation leaving news outlets holding mountains of fermenting manure, that finally smells as bad as it stinks. He has exposed the media's antagonistic antipathy toward the American people and the values that we hold dear.


In the many years that media has held power, the GOP have never been able to do more than take the punishment, bend over and ask for a kiss when their dignity had been violated, time and time again. The media owned conservative Washington politicians, much to the sickening shame, and downright furious frustration, of their voters.

The GOP always had the same response to the "gotcha" questions of the liberal press, that smeared their good name and campaign hopes. The GOP always have the same strategy to fend off the constant negative stories the press pumped out, like a factory against conservative politicians. The GOP always had the same lame plan to defend their honor against the deliberate defaming of their character, in every election cycle. Their plan, strategy and response was always, be nice, make nice, and smile while the propagandists pounced against their backsides.


It did not work, never worked, and never had the hope of ever working, yet decade after decade the GOP made the media more and more powerful by cowering and caving in their chickenhearted role as the victim, to the media bullies.
Now, finally, Americans have a President that doesn't smile at them, won't drop his pants, doesn't apologize for phony facts, doesn't bow to the media's perceived majesty, or feels obligated to shine their big muffed microphones. No Trump treats the press as the fallible, mortal, and agenda driven beings that they are, but refuse to admit. Some reporters are fair and interested in informing the public, while most others in today's media are promoters of global liberalism and fame vultures that feed off the carcasses of conservative celebrities they have disgraced. Indeed, most of the political reporters need the carrion left by scandals to fuel their "wake" (group of vultures) on cable news to compete in today's media market buffet table.

For too long the haughty huffy puffy Press, has used their 4th estate motto of public service, to shield and moat themselves an impenetrable fortress from being scrutinized for bias, corruption and downright dishonesty. Trump has twittered away, the political Press's pontificating pretense as public watchdogs, and exposed them as small bloodsucking leeches. Leeches that have been boring into the brains of the unassuming public, in order to meld with their minds, and indoctrinate a world view that is a fake, faux, phony and fabricated view, that only exists inside the small minded leftist's vision of America.

The press is guarding the swamp. It is facilitating Washington's false gods and it has been instrumental in promoting a leftist minority agenda in order to convince citizens that social progressive liberalism is the only political religion that Americans should seek to bow and pray.

The mainstream media has spread this sewage of seditious slander against America's foundational values with the approval of their corporate owners, Democrat patrons and yes the GOP's deadwood resistance. Americans have longed for the day when the political field would be treated equally and fairly by a professional media, not pushing an agenda on people against their American pride. In fact, it seemed hopeless that anyone or anything could stop the DNC tanked media from misusing the airwaves to trash tradition and flap their fetid fertilizer of humanistic hogwash as factual fruit and rob our nation's youth of common sense, with their incessant idiocy of political correctness and the regurgitated refuse of anti-American ideas such as socialism. Who could stop their witless foolery?


Well, pat yourself on the back if you, always liked Trump for his bombastic nature, his brassy boldness and his righteous honesty. We all know that you don't take a mouse to help you fight the bullies, and the leftist media has been bullying conservatives while the wimpy GOP squeak and then hide in a hole. No it takes a bully turned body guard to fight bullies, and Trump promised he would fight for us. He promised he would get our lunch money back from the swamp bullies. He promised he would defend America and Americans and make the country great again.

The GOP needs to stop acting as though voters prefer their sissy act as opposed to Trump's direct confrontation in which he slams the slammers, defames the defamers and shames the scammers. The weak knees of the GOP and their so called dignified history of making themselves invisible to the monstrous conservative eating press, has wrought nothing but anguish for American patriotism.


No, the days of wimpy GOP leadership and the void of conservative voice is counting down rapidly as the swamp gets drained. The Republican quislings might be the last found in the murky muck as they hide behind skirts, behind the Press, behind the Democrats, behind the lobbyists and behind their congressional aides, but eventually the citizens will bait the polls and catch the cheesy cowards that helped the swamp thrive, and see the return of America's greatness. Happy Independence day.

Who am I? I am just a traditional American proud to be a citizen of America.
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