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PostAuthor: crazy like a fox » Thu Feb 02, 2017 1:29 pm

How many anti-American, ideologically bankrupt and morally repugnant protests can Democrats stage in what is suppose to be the honeymoon phase of the new presidency? Obama's Democrats and their minions of mindless professional protesters and civil servant loyalists, are continuing to ignore the election results, disrespecting our nation and scripting imaginary controversy.

No it isn't funny. No, it isn't harmless stupidity. No, the Obama leftists losing their seat of power have fumigated their legacy with the flatulent offensive stink of indigestible Marxists' dogma. These Democrats with the aid of some spineless Republicans are thwarting the will of the people and refusing to accept that Trump supporters now have the right to expect, their policy, Trump's cabinet appointments and the new governance to be respectfully transferred, and not blocked, bullied and delayed by egotistical grandstanding members of Congress.


There is hope and simmering impatience by the millions of forgotten Americans that don't carry repugnant signs and chant slogans on the street, but instead work and raise their families, expecting that the new administration will be given a chance to right the wrongs done by the Obama policies.

Shall we remind Congress and the left that 2018 will bring another opportunity for voters to repudiate liberal ideology? Should we remind Congress and the left that media's credibility has slid from being considered bias to its new and lower status, called fake news? Should we call and e-mail their offices forecasting their political fate if they persist at being spoilers, rather than accepting the election results and being contrite after the voters rejected their radical view

The American people have a right to expect that elections have consequences. Elections matter, the results matter, and accepting the voice of the people, well it matters most of all. Let the record show, that Democrats and never-Trump fools, continue to ignore the voters, continue to trash the majority of Americans who don't hold up crass signs on the street and continue to use hysteria hyperbole to misrepresent Trump's policies.

The left and its small gang of quisling Republicans are acting as intelligently as a bag filled with granite. They have evolved from snarky crybabies to full throated ministers of misinformation. They are showing their red and black flag colors, instead of honoring, the red, white and blue. Ignorance might be at times bliss, but it is also can be dangerous, destructive and the roadblock against vitality.


The American people need to push back against our education system that continues to manufacture morbid misinformed militant activists, hell bent on fomenting divisive destruction of our American culture. The Obama cult of liberalism has done untold damage to our nation, and even though some of the damage can be undone, a looming legacy of hate filled ignorance still fills our streets. Part of draining the swamp must include the seditious sewerage of socialist's sophism taught by overpaid, and under-scrutinized propaganda professors.

Hedonistic colleges will continue to bore into the brains of our youth, and preach Marxist liberalism as the liturgy of legitimacy. Colleges will continue to extract high cost tuition from parents and students to be indoctrinated by leftist professors until the public speaks out. The left's hold on our educational system and its insular masturbatory mindset sect of professors that preach anti-American lectures, deluding and denying students and parents, by not providing an objective education but instead charging exorbitant tuition while claiming their indoctrinating drool, is functional education, needs to end. The rioting by aimless, ignorant and fascist's groomed liberal youth must be condemned. State, local and federal agencies depending on jurisdiction should prosecute fully, any protests that result in rioting and or the promotion of violence.


All American voices need to be heard, not just the paid protesters and the aimless radicals stirring the street and pretending to represent the majority, but the vast quiet, hard working millions that want their country to return to sanity. That need their country to exercise common sense rather than ideological nonsense. That have voted loud and clearly for a reversal of fortune from elitism and big government to a Middle class focus and a shrinking of the globalist minded Washington.
The media, isn't listening. The Democrats are not listening. Some Republicans are not listening. Their ears are tuned into the chant and shouts of Hollywood's microphones of moronic melodies or Soros's agitators hip hop histrionic huffing, yet they fail to hear the louder vibrating timbre of millions of Americans keeping a rhythmic beat of joyous optimism.

The deafness of some in Congress that ignore the wavelength of harmonic unity in the beating drums by America's band of average citizenry that taps out a song that sings for change in America's political direction, is deliberate. There is no doubt that these thieves of honest representation, have made the sound of their own voice, the only tune they hear.

Soon, very soon however, they will hear from the low beating of distant drums an accelerando that will become a strong acoustic crescendo, as more of those who are deaf, dumb and blind are asked to leave the Beltway and take their ear plugged ideology with them, as voter's farewell song, sounds its fermata.


Yes, once again there will be the sound of music, for the hills are alive, the people are roused and our song of freedom fills the air again, as it did hundreds of years ago. We hear the noise coming from the defeated left as their negative lyrics grab the stage, but the auditorium is empty, the audience is missing and the future leftist slogan singing tours are cancelled.

Elitism is dead, long live the average working class, love live the "People" of the United States of America.


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Who am I? I am just a traditional American proud to be a citizen of America.
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PostAuthor: hoodoo » Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:53 pm

Congratulations ! This post is poetically beautiful and a thorough repudiation of the fifty year screeds of the left. They have wasted their foul ammunition, muddied the mushy minds of youth to no final effect, and will be remembered by future Americans as a nasty period of poisoning that we have the anti-venom for. It's the American Spirit, frustratingly slow to anger but awesome when inflamed. There is a new age dawning and we are honored to be living in that dawn. Well done patriot. Very well done! :drinks

We ARE the Traditional Americans !

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PostAuthor: Ron_Adcox » Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:13 pm

I wish that all Americans should have to read this article, Foxy! It is without a doubt required reading to enlighten the IQ challenged aka The Progressive Left. We will never reach the well paid anarchists running our streets today. To them the more they burn, the better for turning our Republic on its head!

Thanks for all your contributions to the Traditional American Movement!

:drinks :-D
When Injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty! ObamaCare & IranNukeDeal are examples of Injustice becoming law!! Traditional Americans must resist by any means necessary, fair or foul.
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