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PostAuthor: crazy like a fox » Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:12 pm

After eight years of bowing, shoulder shrugging and window dressing diplomacy, America, finally has its machismo back, at long last, America has a real POTUS in the oval office. The world needs to take notice. Gone are the days of feckless speeches and inaction from our nation. Gone are the days of paying our lunch money to the bullies of the world, while phony politicians tell us, it is a victory. Gone are the days of being schooled by our enemies while our Commander in Chief responds sheepishly, while sitting in a golf cart.

No, Obama's foreign policy record was a train wreck involving a domino of carnage that was left to rot in the sun for the next administration to bury. The political diplomacy garbage, that the Progressives passed off as designer decor, was faux, hollow and weak and is finally being carted off back to the landfill of useless idealism from which it was birthed. America, is no longer in the hands of progressive snowflakes that believe every solution to a problem, poses a political insensitivity issue, so let's just ignore the problem and hope fairy tales come true.


Yes, the United States is back baby. America swagger is getting stronger. American leadership is back on track and the days of hemming and hawing are starting to be a small memory seen in our rear view mirror. The adults are now in charge of our foreign policy and they see the world for what it is and deal with it in a no nonsense approach.

It is a foreign policy that Democrats and media pan as blunt and undiplomatic, that libertarians view as violating the sanctity of isolationism and the neo-cons hope will bring us closer the WW3. Yet, it is not a foreign policy devoid of diplomacy, and no we can't continue to ignore the growing strength of our enemies waiting for attacks to breach our shores, nor is it a warmongering battle cry. Trump's foreign policy presentation bespeaks less talk and more action. It is a far more traditional American foreign policy for it displays strength, boldness and confidence that bullies will back down when confronted with tangible proof that America means business.

America has always in our long history presented boldness, rational thinking, moral imperatives and a willingness to lead and not be bullied. When a dog growls but wags its tail you don't know if it will bite, but if it nips your leg, then you give the dog the benefit of doubt and back away. America is that dog and it is time our enemies start backing up.

Unlike the two tailed Obama dog that had no head or leadership to present to the world, Trump is leading front and center. He is re-establishing America's reputation in the world after Obama eight years of appeasement, inaction and neutering of our political will and military might.


This Foreign Policy is old and traditional for it presents America as we are, honest, unapologetic, decisive yet unpredictable, bold but respectful, friendly as treated and savage as needed. The Progressives don't recognize this traditional foreign policy because it is smart, old and so very pro-typical American. It is Reagan-esque, "Peace through strength."

No, this is not how the Democrats and media scripted their slamming of Trump as the Manchurian plant of Russia that was suppose to ruin his administration. This strike against Syria and calling Russia out as complicit in the chemical weapon attack, can't be a good story line for the Democrats to snow, sell and spray into the air as fact, to convince even the most gullible ears, that Trump is a puppet of Putin. A puppet is not designed to humiliate its owner.

The new story line for the Democrat's media, is that Trump is betraying his voter base by striking Syria and negotiating with China. The media thinks it can convince Trump supporters that he is reneging on his campaign promises.

How exactly is Trump doing that? Is he doing that by bombing Syria, after Assad used chemicals weapons on civilians repeatedly under Obama with no rebuke, except talk of a red line? Is he doing that by publically calling out the Russians for their collusion with Assad's chemical attacks? Is he doing that by allowing our military to drop the MOAB (GBU-43) or the Massive Ordinance Air Blast over the ISIS and Taliban hideouts in Afghanistan? Is he doing that by giving China a choice between a carrot or a stick, by offering the carrot of more favorable trade if they get control over North Korea and defuse its nuke program, or stick, by suggesting we will undertake the task without their help or advice and if the fallout hurts their interest, then so be it?

Explain to us, oh wise and witty media, how exactly does America acting in its own best interest betray Trump's promise to "Make America Great Again"? Explain how America becomes great, if North Korea launches a missile strike at California? Explain how America becomes great, if the use of chemical weapons on civilians becomes a legitimate tactic of conventional warfare? Explain how America becomes great, if we continue to act feckless and fearful, to a handful of world thugs and bullies, that have been trying to hurt us politically, (hacking and cyber war) economically, (unfavorable trade) and militarily (terrorism). Explain how repeating the head burrowing by the Obama administration is what Trump promised on the campaign trail?


Trump promised not to be a war hawk and involve America in conflicts that risked our lives and fortunes without any compensation for our efforts, economically and morally. All of the our soldier's blood spilled in Iraq and we didn't get squat. No oil, no thanks, no peaceful trading partner as Iraq was, and is, overrun by ISIS and Iran.

Trump said he would bomb the hell out of ISIS. Trump said he would not give our enemies advance warning as to how, when and what we would do, if they acted in aggression against our interests. Trump said he would always ensure that America's interests would be first and foremost in his administration.

He has not betrayed that overarching principle. He has no foreign policy details because his foreign policy is wide open, in terms of being flexible to those nations that want to cooperate with us and inflexible to those seeking to hurt us. Too simple for you, media? Too un- nuanced for your taste? Too sane, reasonable and or Reagan-esque for your liking?

Well unlike the McCain-thumping, Graham-prancing never-Trump neo-cons and Hillary screeching for arms and bombs to be sent to unknown Syrian fighters (perhaps ISIS) we dodged that nightmare. Neither Hillary's desire to relocate more refugees in our country, her warped vision of a multicultural European-styled America, fret with debt and downfall lost, and isn't in charge. Equally, the never-Trump, neo-cons that want to start WW3, also lost and are thankfully not in charge. Sane foreign policy has return America to the world stage, donning a familiar face of traditional American values, representing the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Barely in office, and without a real friend in the leadership of the Congressional swamp of Washington, Trump is so far doing quite well with his supporters. The American people know to be patient and understand Rome wasn't built in a day. Tackling Washington's swamp of snapping turtles, lizards, snakes, rats and gators will take time and can't all be caught, bagged and tagged, instantly. The Democrats and Rinos will hide, attack and then hide again under the murky water of their political campaign promises, and we must hold them accountable.

If we are to help the President, then we must ignore the bashing media and instead bash our Reps living in the swamp, telling them to either jump on board Trump's raft, or suffer your wrath, at the polls. If we want America to return to greatness domestically, we need to put pressure on our representatives to fulfill their promise to repeal Obamacare and shrink federal power. If we want to make "America great again", then we need to replace "hope and change" with honor, duty and strong American values.

Who am I? I am just a traditional American proud to be a citizen of America.
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PostAuthor: hoodoo » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:42 pm

YES WE ARE! It has been a long time but we traditional Americans kept the faith in America and we finally have a solid, pragmatic, and masculine leader who knows where the limits are and is ready to stand for us. Claudia, you do a beautiful job of fleshing out my thoughts in your posts. :lol: Keep up the great work! :drinks

We ARE the Traditional Americans !

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PostAuthor: Ron_Adcox » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:20 pm


A little mood music for reading Foxy's treatise! Seems appropriate somehow, if AeroSmith will forgive my dickering with the the title so it more closely copies her treatise title! WE'RE BAAAAACK!

Another song comes to mind "SPRING IS IN THE AIR!" but more about that in a bit.

Trump needs you on his communication team, Foxy. Right Now! This should be posted everywhere and often. Talk about nailing something down, there is no nail left to pound. Trump should change this a bit and make a speech out of it. America would react well to it, I am sure.

Thanks Foxy, you are a wonder.

Now to the song mentioned earlier. You can tell Spring is in the air when Foxy lights one off after a long mostly dull, other than the Trump excellence at governing, winter! Now we can get back to being Proud Traditional Americans although as I consider that statement, most of us were never less than Proud Traditional Americans!
When Injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty! ObamaCare & IranNukeDeal are examples of Injustice becoming law!! Traditional Americans must resist by any means necessary, fair or foul.
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