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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ February 26, 2017 Chip Murray

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The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ February 26, 2017 Chip Murray

PostAuthor: Ron_Adcox » Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:57 pm

The Sunday Morning Tune-up ~ This Could Be Heaven, Or This Could Be Hell
by Chip Murray


"The Monster that has to be fed."

“Before man are life and death, good and evil, whichever he chooses shall be given him.” ~ (Sirach 15:16)

I began my Saturday, February 25th morning at TCT as I always do. "How We Give Hell A Chance"

Strange days…I tell you, strange days are gifts like any other, because they tell us things we need to know. Yesterday (2/25) morning, I connected by skype with a woman who is like a sister to me. I had met Deirdre Yowell (Murphy at the time) on my maiden voyage to Ireland in the spring of ’84. We became instant friends and more like family ever since. Although marriage, kids and time have come between us, there is a quality of connection that is hard to describe…love works.

So I skyped straight into their kitchen atop the Jolly Roger Pub in Baltimore Ireland, southwest of Cork. She and her husband Jez had recently bought the pub and moved back home from the UAE after finishing their careers abroad. So there we all were; myself, Deirdre, Jez, and their daughter and two sons. I had never met or talked to Jez…or the kids. Deirdre and I hadn’t seen each other for at least twenty years. Here’s where the strange comes in…first you must know; there are no people on earth more cordial, congenial or genuinely friendly than the Irish.

When the talk turned to Trump, the room changed. Now, Dee scolded me as I half expected her to do as the staunch Liberal I knew her to be. But she did so in a loving way. Her husband, on the other hand, was downright rude. He wouldn’t talk to me directly, but rather talked about me as if I were some sort of thief or criminal there to rob them. It was shocking. Dee gave him “the look” and told him to button it…but the damage was done. We actually finished our conversation with my recital of my poem which I will leave at the end of this tune-up. That was yesterday morning.

Yesterday afternoon, I came across the banner headline at the top of Drudge; Scorcese: “It’s a Scary Time”. Well, as it turns out, Scorcese made these comments while he was in Dublin to collect a gold medal from Trinity College's Philosophical Society. “‘It's a scary time.’ Referring to the rise of global terrorism, Mr Scorsese said that the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq invasion ‘had created thousands and thousands of Travis Bickles.’ Bickles is the depressed loner at the centre of his classic 1976 thriller Taxi Driver who is drawn to violence in his disgust against the decadence and sleaze he perceives around him.”

OK…so here we have the King of Hollywood, where President Trump is arguably the most despised and hated man on the planet, invoking Travis Bickles (played by De Niro) and actually calling attention to “the decadence and sleaze” as one of the greatest purveyors of it! He goes on, according to The Belfast Telegraph, to “attack celebrity as a monster that has to be fed” as if he has absolutely no connection to it at all.

And finally I capped my strange day listening to part of a CPAC speech by Mr. BREXIT himself, Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party:

“Our educational establishment through school, college and university, have been so completely hijacked by the Liberal Left, who actually in the classical OED definition of it, are the most dishonorable people I’ve ever seen or met in my life. And they have indoctrinated an entire generation that any other point of view is detestable and should be banned…this young generation who screams words like fascist, have themselves become the fascists.”

Before us all “Life and Death, Good and Evil…whichever he chooses.”

From a much better place…

A Land Called Ireland

If your soul is tired & weary,

then my friend give a listen to me.

Go to a land called Ireland,

not so far across the sea.

And if in fact you’re good of heart,

which reflects in all you do,

then the Angel of the Heather shall appear,

and she’ll sing her songs for you.

She’ll sing away your emptiness,

and smile away your fears…

and give you the gift of happiness,

which will last you through the years.

Now if you go, have a jar with the Murphy’s,

and some crack with the Driscoll’s too…

…and tell ‘em I love and miss ‘em,

and they’ll take good care of you.

And for every Irish smile you get,

be sure to give one back,

for that means more to them than gold,

and that’s a simple fact.

So when at last you leave her shores,

and her rolling hills embrace,

Just turn, tip your hat and pray….

and thank God for the Irish Race!
Chip Murray '84
When Injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty! ObamaCare & IranNukeDeal are examples of Injustice becoming law!! Traditional Americans must resist by any means necessary, fair or foul.
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